Saturday, June 20, 2009

The last post

How can I hope to write about how I feel being about 7 days away from my departure? After over 8 months of hard work since my win as Miss Hill City, part of me doesn’t even want to believe it’s finally here! But sure enough, I’m surrounded by various “to pack” piles in my apartment, worrying about last minute details, and getting excited! It’s almost here!

I can truly say that I have no regrets. I have worked as hard as I possibly could. Has it been challenging to be a full time graduate student with teaching responsibilities and preparing for this? Absolutely. But I know the experience has only prepared me with the best time management skills that will certainly come in handy if I should be blessed with the job of Miss Virginia. Over the course of the year, I have met some incredible people. I’ve tried to keep everyone updated through my blog here, but it’s good for me to reflect back and remember all the great experiences I have had with this program.

During my time as Miss Hill City, I have spoken with nearly 1,000 Girl Scouts about scholarships, self-esteem, bullying, red flags for abusive relationships, fashion, my time as a girl scout, and community service. I’ve reached out to dozens of active community members through organizations like Kiwanis, Lion’s Club, Rotary, and the Optimist Club. I’ve seen bullriding live from the arena floor, been the celebrity bowler at the Lynchburg Bowl for Kids Sake, been recognized in CVS, department stores, and Wal-Mart, tap danced with my crown on in bitter December weather, been part of the sole car driving with the top down in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade, and made the drive back and forth to Lynchburg so many times I really do think I could do it in my sleep.

I’ve been blessed with incredible sponsors and people who have always taken a moment to help me out. Jen, Kate, Esther, Amanda, Terry, Carolyn, Garry, Erin, Anna, Shirley, Lori and all of Smithfield, Mary, Kelly and all at Glade Church, and EVERYBODY who has made this possible- thank you for believing in me! You’ve given me confidence on days when I might be a little weary or stressed out.

No matter how things fall out on the 27th, I am so proud of everything I’ve accomplished. I feel like I have achieved almost every goal I wanted to as Miss Hill City and I hope I make everyone proud. At this point I just have faith that I have done the hard work and the rest is in God’s hands.

I believe in this program and in my ability to do a great job if chosen as Miss Virginia. I’m excited, the adrenaline is pumping, and I’m READY!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miss Virginia Final Info

Hi everyone! I'm writing to include information about tickets for Miss Virginia if you're interested, when/where it will be shown on TV, and finally, how you can vote for me. This year they are again having a "people's choice" award and this girl will also receive a special scholarship for getting public support. This year's Miss America was the people's choice and the judges choice and I'd like to follow in that trend.

You can vote online at

It's .99 per vote like American Idol, but I'd love your support, even if it's just one vote!

Ticket information can be found at

The final show on Saturday, June 27th will be broadcast on the following stations:

TV stations:

WSET ABC 13 Roanoke/Lynchburg

WVIR NBC 29 Charlottesville

WJAL IND ch 68 Hagerstown, MD

WCYB CW 4 DT 28.3 Bristol/Tri-Cities, TN

WSKY IND ch 4 Norfolk/Hampton Roads/VA Beach

WRIC ABC 8 Richmond

WHSV MY VALLEY (NETWORK) TV WHSV-DT 49.4 Comcast ch 2, Direct TV 50 Harrisonburg

As we near the time I get ready to leave, I want to thank everyone for their continued support, words of encouragement, and belief in me!

Wish me luck,

Miss Hill City 2009