Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miss Ohio night One: Preliminary Thoughts

I missed evening gown, oops!

Favorite talents:

Courtney Monk did a good job and her hair was flattering.

Chelsi Howman’s Banjo playing was a refreshing change from the normal dance and singing and she was very talented! I have never seen a banjo player in a pageant.

Amber Bussa’s outfit was cute and she did a good job incorporating little flirty moves into the movement around the stage.

Shannon O’Neill was great, of course I think she’s the one to win the entire crown but her talent was entertaining and one of the voices that actually sounded consistent throughout the song.

Alyssa Waldman was entertaining and a good voice, but I was not a fan of the gown.

Ellen Bryan’s hair pulled back was just stunning!

Entertainment: Ok, I got REALLY spoiled by the great entertainment and strong dancers with good costumes at Miss Virginia, including some really talented teens or preteens to fill in as entertainment. Ohio’s performers just don’t look as “professional” wearing jeans on stage.

Swimsuit picks: Alissa Brumbaugh, Heather Wells (great pace on her walk!) Devon Stansbury (have you seen those calves???)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Navy workout pants

It's hard to find the perfect pair of workout pants, but I can now say I highly recommend Old Navy! They have a new set that is moisture-wicking, which makes these pants even better to wear for other daytime activities during this incredibly hot summer. I picked up my workout pants courtesy of Crowdtap, a great online community that allows you to voice your opinion and participate in special sample shares.

What I love about these pants is their lightweight feel and the fact that it feels like they don't weigh you down while working out. They had a great fit and were extremely comfortable to hit the gym in!

I highly recommend checking out Old Navy for your workout needs!