Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rick Myers

I've been so busy that I didn't even realize it had been a month since I'd last posted. A few updates:

My friend Anna Reis is competing for the title of Miss Ohio this weekend and I'll be watching the webcast so catch up with how she's doing.

We've been through a terrible experience the past few days with our little dog. Luckily she has survived and will recover but it totally shook our worlds. Pets are great!

And now, on to share some photos from an excellent Virginia photographer! I met Rick right before the Miss Lynchburg pageant and he came to take pictures of the entire show. I was thrilled to get to work with him out in Nelson County at some of the best waterfalls I've ever seen! Rick is great for just about everything: he does roller-derby shots, too! If you're looking for new headshots, modeling photos, or a couples photo shoot, consider working with him! He's excellent, professional, funny, and produces gorgeous photos! We're having a hard time deciding which ones to blow up in our new home!

Check him out at www.rickmyersphotography.com