Sunday, August 30, 2009

A big thanks to two of my "sponsors"

One of my favorite pictures from Miss Virginia: Hair by Sarah Fitzpatrick, Makeup Kate Bixby
I wanted to give a shout-out to two people who really made the Miss Virginia experience all the better: Kate Bixby and Sarah Fitzpatrick. I met Sarah competing in Miss Virginia preliminaries last year and she's always funny and extremely helpful. Perhaps we developed a habit of her last-minute helping me: she made alterations to the evening gown I wore at Miss Hill City the week of the pageant. Both of these people helped me in very important ways: hair and makeup.

I wasn't born a "pageant girl" and I always joke with people that I just can't do my hair. I used to think it was certain lengths or styles, but no, I can't do my hair no matter what. It's also such a relief to have someone help you do your hair during pageant week because you already have so much on your mind. Sarah stepped in at the last minute to help because she's wonderful! She did a great job and I was incredibly blessed to have her help me out.

Now, on to Kate. Kate is a local Mary Kay consultant I met through my friend Erin. Erin, an office and classmate, has plugged me into so many local resources I will never be able to thank her. Not to mention that Erin, a graduate student with two small kids, a husband in a PHD program, and various volunteer positions, even DVRed the pageant to watch with said husband. Long story short, she's fantastic. I met Kate at a Blacksburg Newcomers Club meeting I went to several months ago to promote the Hope Project, which I've mentioned on this blog. I ended up meeting Kate, exchanging emails, and thus blossomed a great connection and friendship! If you've never tried Mary Kay products, I recommend it. I have extremely temperamental skin and their lotions especially are very gentle. The eye makeup remover is wonderful, and I've tried about every brand on the market. And pageant girl tip: you should never wear moisturizer with SPF in it the day you'll be on stage: it brings out the white in your skin under stage lights. You can always tell in pictures which times I forgot. Mary Kay makes two kinds of moisturizers, one with SPF and one without. They are both great and I can say this from personal experience!

I wanted to thank these two wonderful people for their help. I can promise any contestant that these people make a tremendous difference in your life and I know am so grateful for their help!