Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few quick updates

It's been so long since I've posted, but my new schedule is very hectic and the weekends of summer have been extremely full so far! The remainder of this month is no different.

-I've officially entered another dimension of time management, as I'm now working a full-time job on top of working on my PhD. My mother and I are working on a project to be presented at an international conference on motherhood in Canada this fall, I'm writing a chapter for upcoming book about motherhood advocacy organizations, and in general adjusting to life as a researcher/student/employee.

-I'm preparing for a whole new kind of contest at the end of August. When my boyfriend asked if we could attend the Baltimore Comic-Con, at first I was thinking this wouldn't be very fun for me. Until I decided to enter the costume contest (last year's winner received a $1,000 cash prize). Over the course of college due to my busy schedule, positive outlook, and many hats I wore, I earned the nickname wonder woman from many friends. After learning more about this famous female superhero, my boyfriend and I decided there was no one more perfect to go as. Wonder Woman is a curvy Amazon who carries a lasso of truth. She fit me perfectly! So John and I have spent weeks perfecting a costume and makeup for this event. I am sure people will want their picture taken with wonder woman, too! I even have the blue eyes to match!

-Finally, finally, finally, two very important things are happening in my life. I've waited so long for both and I can finally afford them! Years ago my eye doctor told me the only cure to my constant eye infections and now inability to wear contact lenses was Lasik. I'm having the procedure right before Comic Con and couldn't be more excited to have glasses-free vision.

And... I'm buying a car! I'll reveal that later, but for now I am still driving the trust 1984 Cavalier. I've decided that things built in the 80's are just made to last, because she's still going strong!