Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Virginia 2010

This last month has been a complete whirlwind for me, involving a lot of stress, moving, new adventures, and some very exciting things on the horizon. I feel bad for not posting this sooner, but just over a week ago, one of my favorite pageant friends won Miss Virginia. I have to say, it's much, much harder to watch and support someone than it is to be in the pageant. I was cheering loudly for my friends Shannon Oliver and Katie Uze, and every time either one of them came on stage, I felt like vomiting. I crossed all fingers and toes that they would do their best. I am so proud of both of them- they each won a preliminary award and made the top five.

When they announced that Katie Uze was the new Miss Virginia, I shrieked for over twenty seconds and then called Katie's phone to leave her a crying voicemail of how proud of her I was. There are literally no words to describe how genuine, funny, and dedicated Katie is. She will be an incredible Miss Virginia and I'm so proud of her! Katie and Shannon have been two of my friends that I first met during Miss Virginia 2008 and we have stayed close and in support of one another ever since. Would you believe both Katie and Shannon drove over 4 hours to watch me compete at Miss Hill City? So, I figure it's time to return that favor and head out to Vegas to watch Katie compete for Miss America!

Congratulations to someone who really deserves it!