Monday, August 15, 2011

The Book Thing

Most people would find this hard to believe... but it's true! As a new part of the Baltimore community, over the last few months I've been investigating various areas that natives are recommending to me. One of those ideas was the Book Thing. It's actually free! Thousands of free books.

John and I had the chance to visit this last weekend and really enjoyed it! It was amazing first of all how many books were available and how many people were visiting! There were boxes to fill with everything you wanted. I was able to stock the majority of my classroom library and pick up dozens of copies of National Geographic to use for projects and reading! What a great way to encourage people all over to read. The next time you're in the Baltimore area, check it out!

Have old books that you'd like to donate? They are open every Saturday and Sunday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Giant Eagle Advantage Contest

I'm excited to report that I participated in the Giant Eagle Advantage Contest this summer and I won over $240 in gift cards! During a summer where I was being paid at the end of my training, every little bit helped us out! I won a few times for my photos, but it was a video I made at 5:00 in the morning that ended up being a runner up video and getting $200! I was on my way to work and had had this video on my to do list for weeks when I decided to just do it! I'd had the concept but hadn't scripted it out, so I just winged it! I guess sometimes that just works. You can check out my video on the Giant Eagle homepage!