Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Echoing an Important Post

I frequently check out Abby B's blog because it's chock full of pageant information and the latest Miss Ohio preliminary results. Her latest post, however, seems pertinent for not only contestants but fans, parents and friends. I think it's important to address this issue because I've known countless people who follow them and take what they say seriously.

The post is about pageant messageboards- otherwise known as places where contestants are trashed, directors are ripped apart, and even teen girls sometimes get made fun of. I remember the first time I ever found them- it was after my second preliminary pageant in Virginia and I had a google alert set to my name. I happened upon an anonymous website where numerous people wrote that I was overweight, untalented, stupid, etc. Here's what I believe- if someone has something to tell you to help you as a contestant, they will find your email or talk to your local director. These messageboards are NOT helpful places to improve and instead are just full of random garbage. My best advice is to just ignore them, particularly if you do win a local and are preparing for state. Focus on your preparation- not some anonymous person's opinion of what's wrong with you. This program is supposed to be about building women up, not ripping them apart. So just ignore them! Believe me you CAN do it :)

Check out Abby's post which talks about this issue.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Graduate Student of the Month

I write this very excited to have been selected as Virginia Tech's graduate student of the month for November, 2009. Feel free to check out the interview at the link below!

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