Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm done!

I'm mailing off my absentee ballot today (even though I've lived in Virginia the last 4.5 years, VT didn't consider me a VA resident because I hadn't been a renter, and hey, Ohio needs my vote anyways!) and today is also the deadline for VA and DC voters to register. I don't need to remind you how important it is to vote in this election; many would argue that this is "the most important election of our time". So exercise your civic responsibility! Read up on the candidates, and not just those running for president! My Ohio ballot was two pages front and back full of races and issues, so be an informed voter whether you're voting absentee or heading to the polls!

You can follow up on the latest election news at the website below, which shares polls from around the country. Keep in mind, though, that during primary season many news outlets called wins for Obama using exit polls and they didn't reflect the real outcome: sometimes polls aren't indicative of reality. They can be a helpful guide, but if close recent elections are anything to go by, we'll have to wait until late Election Night to really know what happened!

P.S. I know McCain had to pull out of somewhere due to finances, but Michigan? There are few places hurting in the country worse than the Ohio/Michigan area, and I think such an abrupt leave sends the message that he doesn't care about voters there. I guess we'll see how that one pans out, but I predict that MI will go for Obama in light of the recent economic problems on Wall Street and McCain's abandonment of a state in such desperate need of help.

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