Friday, May 22, 2009

Wow- time flies!

I cannot believe how busy things have been even though the school year has been winding down! My schedule has been absolutely packed and I've had a lot to do, so I haven't been able to update my blog that much. I'm getting ready for several events in June to help out some of my sponsors and spent yesterday driving all over trying to get errands done!

Things are full steam ahead for Miss Virginia. I am very excited about what's coming and looking forward to the week in Roanoke.

Last weekend I helped my college friend pack up her dorm room and move out. It gave me so many memories from last year when I went through the same process. Unfortunately it rained through the entire weekend so the graduation was inside, but we still had a good time and it was great to see some good friends from the class of 2009 move on to the next step in their lives.

I have also successfully completed my first year of graduate school! My last official responsibility was a research presentation that went very well; after weeks of hard work and frustration many lessons were learned about research and I was glad to be done.

So, it's now summer, but it hasn't really hit me yet. It's "Miss Virginia season" around here!

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Miss Muddy Paws said...

you have an award waiting for you on my blog! :)