Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Lately I've been reminded a lot of my childhood in Ohio. There are a couple of reasons for this. It's spring break, so a lot of students are headed home or off on break. I will be finishing up my thesis here in Virginia. Also, my mom and brother recently went to a Styx, REO Speedwagon, and 38 special concert in Ohio. And finally, someone I went to high school with is on American Idol.

First things first. I'm almost done with my thesis. All my work has been completed- I just have to type the remaining half and edit. I'll be happy when I defend it and then my schedule clears up even more.

Second, I think appreciation of classic rock is something natural to where I live. We're close to Detroit, but Toledo's it's own city that loves classic rock. There are always great concerts there- I saw Eddie Money over summer and a few months ago my brother also saw Alice Cooper. Great artists are always coming through there. Maybe it's because I live more in a college area, but I grew up listening to classic rock. My favorite part of the drive home is when I'm on the Ohio turnpike about 90 minutes away and I pick up 94.5 XKR, the world's best classic rock station. So obviously I was jealous when I heard my mom was heading out to yet another concert with my brother, with rave reviews afterwards of Styx. I have to say, I miss being in that area. Classic rock is my music of choice and the artists just don't come through here. We have to go to Greensboro and keep our fingers crossed for Aerosmith. A lot of different music certainly comes through this area, but it's never anything John or I is particularly interested in.

And finally, I come from a middle of nowhere town in Ohio. You knew everyone you went to high school with by name. So it's pretty cool that Crystal Bowersox, a former Oak Harbor student herself, is not only on American Idol but an early favorite. I never tune into the show because it just doesn't capture me, but this year I have been tuning in to see how she's doing. So far, so good, but since I've never really watched the show, I'm not sure what a great measure of success is.

Okay, enough "fun writing". Back to mail-order brides.

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