Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monster Mania

My boyfriend, John, is a huge 80's movie fan. So when he found out that Halloween creator John Carpenter and a slew of other stars would be coming to a convention an hour away, we planned to make the trip. I was most excited to meet Anthony Michael Hall, nerd from the Breakfast Club. Who doesn't love that movie or appreciate it's iconic statements about teenagerhood, cliques, and Saturday school? I also was thrilled to meet Norman Reedus, star of Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead (haven't heard of it? It's a zombie tv series based off a great comic book on AMC. Check it out- the human drama is excellent). Norman was incredibly friendly and Anthony Michael Hall said I was "truly beautiful". Coming from inner city school days where I've been called much worse, that was a nice change of pace! This entire event was a blast, and now I'll be even more excited to watch season 2 of the Walking Dead.

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