Thursday, January 28, 2010

After checking out last night's swimsuit and EG pictures, I'm adding New Mexico to my 15! OK is close.

Caressa looked gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

2-3 beauty/Miss America type questions...

*What do they wear underneath the dresses (I hardly ever see lines, and when I do that is a strike against in my mind)

* Is double-sided tape used to keep the bathing suits in place?

* Is there a deodorant antiperspirant that a lot of the girls trust, again I hardly ever see sweat (and a BIG minus if I do)

Thanks and enjoy the show, I'll be watching!!

Jennifer (from NJ)

Laura said...

Sometimes they wear nothing... occasionally you can get away with some type of underwear or spanx (even on skinny girls it gives a great smooth line through the body)

Double sided tape is not nearly as popular as butt glue. There are pageant brands but you can also use batter's grip from Dick's Sporting Goods.

I don't know if there's a particular deodorant brand that girls love, I guess it's a variety.