Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm almost a "has-been"!

The weekend after this, I'll be giving up my second (and final) title in the Miss America program, Miss Hill City. Even though some people might think it's sad, it's exciting that another young woman is about to embark on a special year, one of the highlights being the Miss Virginia pageant in June.

Certainly it's been very special to be a part of Miss Virginia. Our reigning Miss Virginia just won Miss America and Virginia has a legacy of crowning talented, intelligent, gorgeous young women who make the most of the title and represent us well at Miss America. For now, I'm content to continue cheering on some of my favorite people I've met competing. Some people say it's not real for people "competing" against one another to get along well or form friendships, but go ahead and tell that to some of the girls I've gotten to know and love over the past two years. These women are incredible, and I wish them all the best of luck at Miss Virginia in June.

I'll blog again one more time before leaving next weekend to give up the title, but I wanted to take another opportunity to thank everyone for standing behind me during my quest to be Miss Virginia. It didn't happen for me, and that's okay. It wasn't in God's plan for me and I feel good about that. In the last several months, my true passions have become clear and I look forward to my future.

Whether I compete in any more pageants or not, I plan to move valiantly forward representing my platform (Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence Awareness). I'm already incorporating it in my research (thesis and otherwise) and I know that my upcoming move to Maryland will present me with even more opportunities to remain involved in a new state with new people. I love interacting especially with kids and will continue to do that.

On that note, I have to be up early for a day-long Girl Scout event tomorrow, so I'm off!

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