Sunday, February 7, 2010

Miss Mountain Empire

Here are the results that we were able to write down:

Preteen ME: Gallienne Gilmer Hack
Lonesome Pine Preteen: Zoe Low

ME Teen: Anna Hubbard (talent)
LP Teen: Lauren Faulkner


Interview: Misti C.
Talent: Misti C.
EG: Misti C.
Community Service: Samantha McReynolds
SS: Nancy Nguyen
People's Choice: Brooke Saurbeer
Congeniality: Alisha Evans and Misti C.

4th: Alisha Evans
3rd: Nancy Nguyen
2nd: Samantha M.
1st: Brooke Saurbeer
Miss ME: Misti C

Here are a few pictures !

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