Thursday, May 12, 2011

Using buxr to find deals

I can't even remember how I discovered this website, but I'm glad I did. I am "friends" with many deal-hunter websites on facebook but when you know you're going to make a purchase somewhere it's too much to sift through.

I highly recommend using this website if you're hunting for a particular coupon or deal. They are posted daily, and it's easy to do a search for your store and see what deals are out there. Plus, members can vote deals up or down, so you can look at the most popular deals and vote down deals that aren't so great. I've found the only downside is that there are a few "superusers" who seem to post deals every ten seconds, so it's hard to be the first to list something, even if the deal was just released. However, they have a ton of contest options to win lots of money, and extra cash never hurts, right? Visiting Buxr is so much easier than trying to google old coupon codes. Deal seekers can see exactly when something expires, too!

Visit the link below to get started- it's free!

Buxr Hot Deals

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