Thursday, August 9, 2007

American Coed

This next weekend, I will up up the Miss Ohio title in the Coed age division for American Coed pageants. American Coed pageants has been an incredible organization- I began competing on a dare at age 16, and have grown so much through my experience with ACP. It's hard to believe that I even won a title; years of competing and hard work finally paid off.

It will be so bizarre next weekend to be the one doing all the reigning queen duties: presenting awards, leading the production number, wearing a crown and banner and posing for pictures all weekend, performing my talent not for scoring purposes, and in general not competing. This next week of my life will be crazy because I have to drive my car to Virginia the Monday after American Coed finishes, so I'm trying to tie up all my loose ends here before leaving Ohio for a few months.

I'll update about American Coed most likely once I am settled into Virginia. I am moving in early so that I can prepare for work and just get settled. I will be living in Webb, our senior dorm, on a hall with many of my close friends, and I am very excited about this.

For now I just wanted to encourage anyone who was interested in the Columbus area to visit the Crowne Plaza Columbus North August 17-19 for the Ohio American Coed pageant because this is truly a great pageant system and it's so fun to watch.

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