Wednesday, August 29, 2007

South Carolina Teen USA

By now, almost everyone has seen the video of the final question at Miss Teen USA where a flustered South Carolina struggled to answer a question about why people in this country can't identify the U.S. on a map. When I first heard this question on the live telecast, I thought 'wow, how would I answer that?' largely because the question is so shocking. Do 1/5 of Americans really now know where their own country is? I remember when I took geography in high school the number one test that was failed was about the fifty states and their capitals. More people passed the other tests.

My thoughts are that it's unfortunate that she got so flustered and that it was on national television. I can't believe she got a place higher than WV, although maybe the final question doesn't count for as much as I thought it did!

What's also interesting is that a lot of girls who compete in USA are interested in acting and modeling and what better way to get your face out there? More people will remember SC Teen USA than the winner of the overrall pageant.

I admired her for coming on a news show recently to talk about what happened, but I didn't like that Matt Lauer and the other reporter asked her the same question again. What pageant contestant doesn't wish she got three days to mull and do-over her onstage question? The point of onstage question is to see how girls handle situations when they don't know what question is coming?

Anyways, best of luck to the new Miss Teen USA!

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