Sunday, August 3, 2008

Miss Central Virginia

Tonight I had the chance to go watch Miss Central VA in Charlottesville. This was a really great pageant and one of those pageants where any girl would have been a great titleholder. I went with Katie Uze and Shannon Oliver and we had no idea how the judges picked a winner out of such a great group! That said, all three of us were screaming for Maddie the entire night and jumped out of our seats when she was named the winner.

I do have pictures from the pageant, but please keep in mind that 1) the girls moved very quickly. 2) i was seated quite far back and my zoom came out blurry quite a bit 3) the people in front of me kept leaning in to talk to one another and I would completely miss a girls evening gown/swimsuit presentation. So, some pictures are blurry, and occasionally I don't have any pictures of a girls presentation! Some girls moved around so much for talent that I was unable to get any good pictures! Also, I don't claim to be any Julius, so of course the quality is not great! It's hard to take pictures when you are cheering people on and watching their performance, and I'm amazed I got any pictures of Maddie's crowning at all! I'm staying up late to make sure Shannon gets back to VB safely, so I'm deciding to share these pictures!

Just a note: all of these girls were great contestants and I ask that in sharing my pictures, that they not be used to pick any contestant apart. All of the girls did a wonderful job and we all know the confidence it takes to be on that stage. Every one of them was outstanding. Please enjoy the pictures; I know the quality isn't great but something is better than nothing, right?

It was a great pageant and wonderful to see Miss Virginia friends! Congrats to Maddie, who has been and will continue to be a wonderful titleholder for the Miss Virginia organization! So proud of you, and now you can kick back and enjoy your senior year of college without the stress of competing in pageants every weekend!

Miss Central VA: Maddie Van Duyne
1st Runner Up: Sara Rose
2nd Runner Up: Lindsay Morris
3rd Runner Up: Malissa Sibley
4th Runner Up: Katelyn Sexton
Competition Photos:

Announcement of winners and post-pageant

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