Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 08

Today, America will make history no matter the outcome. Although I hope everyone stays safe, I'm particularly hoping my mother, chair of the Board of Elections in our county in Ohio, will survive this day! It could be a long one!

I first met Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2006 while working for the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. Both came to speak at the annual ODP dinner. I've been a Joe Biden fan for years. Biden and his office drafted the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, passed by the Clinton administration. This bill has provided billions of dollars to programs helping victims of violence, encouraged tougher laws for perpretrators, and is a key piece of legislation that many states model their programs after. To have a vice-presidential candidate, and potential vice president, who has truly been a "maverick" for women's rights is exciting for me as an advocate for women's rights and victim protection.

All eyes are on the battleground states today, and I'm particularly curious about Ohio and Virginia. In the past, I have worked numerous general and primary elections in Ohio. This last March, during the primary election, our weather was so bad that Sheriff's deputies had to deliver the ballot boxes back to the Board! I heard today that Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State in Ohio, is anticipating an 80% turnout in the state. This is not really a surprise to me, since so many people have already voted early and there are still lines for hours outside the polling places! Ohio has a lot at stake in this election as does our neighbor Michigan. Both states are some of the hardest hit in the foreclosure crisis, facing staggering unemployment rates as manufacturing and the auto industries crumble.

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