Thursday, November 6, 2008

Miss AZ quoted in paper

I found this article online, but I think the author failed to write it quite properly. It makes it sound as thought Erin Nurss, Miss AZ, has a child in Iraq. I think the journalist was referring to the first woman quoted in the paragraph.

“I am crying because my son was the first navy sailor to be killed in Iraq. I believe it is the best to fight terrorism; he fought in Vietnam and knows what the nation needs. Obama does not have the experience and has also associations with terrorist,” Debbie lee said to Yemen Times. Erin Nurss, Miss Arizona for 2008, said she was disappointed that McCain lost the race. “It is disappointing that he did win; he has done much for Arizona, while another Republican female fan said the Americans were stupid when they voted for Obama. She said her son is in the navy and will be commanded by inexperienced president.

Looks like the journalist missed a set of quotation marks, too!

Article from the Yemen Times

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