Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miss Williamsburg

Last night I had the opportunity to watch the 2009 Miss Williamsburg pageant. The show was extremely well-run, with no "dead time"! The auditors were really fast at tabulating results, too, so the emcees didn't have to stall at the end, which happens at a lot of pageants.

The emcees were two 3rd runners up to Miss America, Kristi Glakas and Hannah Kiefer, as well as Shawn Decker. You may know Shawn from his blog or through his wife, Gwenn, who has judged several local pageants this season and served as the judges chair last night. If you don't know Shawn, check out the website here.

Congratulations to Malissa Sibly, the new Miss Williamsburg
1st Runner up, Stephanie Van Petten
2nd Runner up Emily Hall (Evening Gown, Congeniality, Swimsuit)
3rd Runner up Victoria Maiden (Talent)
4th Runner Up, Heather Baker

We had the opportunity to see Andolyn Medina and Tara Wheeler perform as entertainment! The Williamsburg crew does a great job of providing wonderful scholarships for the ladies!

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