Friday, December 5, 2008

My exciting week

This has easily been one of the busiest weeks I have had the entire semester.

A week before Thanksgiving, I helped out a local Brownie/Junior troop at a store here in Blacksburg called Beadsburg. The girls were making bracelets and necklaces to give to others as gifts. I'll be helping out this group on a regular basis. I had the opportunity to meet two beautiful girls dressed in the summer Sunday best even though it was snowing outside! I had a blast helping them make bracelets.

On Monday, I attended the Blacksburg Girl Scout Service Unit meeting. I am helping out a troop on a regular basis here, and we had to decide what country we wanted to do for a February event. We chose England because I have lived there for a year. I also got the opportunity to meet with several Blacksburg leaders and offer my services up to their groups.

On Tuesday morning, I had a meeting with the director of the Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley. This center provides many valuable services to women in this area, especially victims of domestic violence. The director and I spoke and brainstormed for about an hour, and I've already got the wheels turning here at VT for an event next spring to provide for the greatest need that the WRC has.

On Tuesday afternoon, I drove to Lynchburg to meet with a local Junior Girl Scout troop. These were some of the most inspiring young ladies I have ever met. There are moments as a titleholder that you will treasure your entire year and beyond, and I met a young lady at this meeting that has more courage and spunk than I have ever seen in a ten year old. I spoke to 23 girls about being a good friend, how to deal with anger, and then I answered any questions that they had (which were definitely varied and interesting! Great interview practice!) The girls are even thinking about planning a troop trip to come cheer me on in Roanoke next June, and I am so thankful that I was able to meet these young ladies!

After that, I helped out with a local Daisy troop investiture ceremony. Being a girl scout all my life, it was like stepping back in time, saying the pledge, the Girl Scout promise, and singing the songs. The investiture ceremony is when girls officially become Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, or Seniors. The girls were really fascinated that I had earned my Girl Scout Gold Award and the national scholarship that came with it. At the end of it, the girls argued about who got to stand next to me in the "friendship" circle, where girls squeeze each others hands to say goodbye. Thank you to all the girls!

On Wednesday, I taught my last recitation class for the semester. It was somewhat bittersweet because I've really enjoyed the class and getting to know my students. I had a few students stay afterwards to tell me that i did a good job and that they really liked the class. This is my first time teaching, so those words meant a lot!

Then I visited Prices Fork elementary to meet with a local Daisy troop. We talked about being a good friend, being positive to others, how to have good posture, and then the girls were really excited when I taught them a tap dance step -shuffle ball change. They took turns trying the crown on and then we made thank you cards.

Tonight I am on my way back to Lynchburg for more appearances this weekend. It only gets busier as the semester winds down!

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