Thursday, April 2, 2009

Domestic Violence in the News

Chris Brown: Get out of Virginia!


Turning away from the bright lights of Hollywood (he withdrew his nomination from the past weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards), Chris Brown has once again been taking solace in his home state of Virginia. On Tuesday night, he visited a pal at the University of Mary Washington, stopping by the gym to shoot some hoops- all during White Ribbon Week which focuses on men ending men’s violence on women.

Let me take a shot in the dark here- he wasn't sporting a white ribbon.

Virginia gets a failing grade on protecting youth from domestic violence

According to Break the Cycle, an organization committed to ending violence especially among teens, Virginia was given a grade of "F" because it severely impedes teen victims’ access to domestic violence protection orders.

Local schools using the Chris Brown/Rihanna Story to talk about DV
From Charlotte, NC News 14:

The struggles of the two pop stars have brought a new awareness to the problem, even among middle students and high school students. Now, community leaders in Mecklenburg County are reaching out to area students to make sure they know about domestic violence and how to get help.

"I know of at least one relationship where the boy is beating up on the girl,” said 15-year-old Oscar Reid of his school. “I really don't want to disclose the names, but yeah, it is happening at [Martin Luther King Middle School]."

"We want the kids to know about domestic violence because of the Chris Brown situation and let them know that it is important to know that it's wrong and it's unacceptable,” said Peggy Caple, a domestic violence intervention counselor with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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