Thursday, April 2, 2009

Giles County Rotary Club

The AEP plant, which you can't miss on a drive out of VA into WV

The control room in the plant
With 2 of the CCGC at the ash dump site

Inside the plant

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Giles County Rotary club. My first trip out to Giles County came last year with the American Culture Program at RMWC; we spent an afternoon talking with the Concerned Citizens of Giles County about the AEP plant plan to store fly ash on the New River on a campground and then toured the Appalachian Power plant. (We were studying "consumption" in America and that particular week was "energy"- that same trip we also visited a coal mining site in West Virginia and visited farmers in Abingdon, VA who are keeping things local and organic).

Imagine my surprise today when the AEP plant manager for the Glen Lyn plant was there for the Rotary meeting. I am coming to the realization that Virginia (and the world!) are smaller than I thought. Thanks to the Rotary Club for being so welcoming! I've also included pictures from my last visit to Giles County, when it was much sunnier.

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You are lookin hot mama! Those girls better be ready for you at Miss VA this year! Go get em!!!