Sunday, February 17, 2008

There are only two left!

Two more pageants left this season, and I am working harder than ever to do my best. I feel that since this is the first year I have really competed I would reflect back on the year in pageants. I feel like I have come a long way but there is always room for improvement.

Summer '07
Miss Greater Cleveland-3rd runner up (I was really excited about this, because I had only been home in the United States for 3 weeks!)

Miss North Coast

Fall 07/ Winter 07-08

Miss Shenandoah Valley- 1st Runner up and Interview winner
This was really exciting for me, because I met some really great girls and had a wonderful weekend. I also pushed myself and gave one of my best interviews ever here. I had a blast!

Miss Hill City
Right in my hometown of Lynchburg, this was also fun and I got to catch up with some of the Shenandoah Valley girls and I met Natalie Smith here.

Winner: Whitney Law

Miss Hampton Holly Days/Newport News- 1st Runner up and Interview winner
Another one of those interviews I had on tape to help me practice! A great group of girls and a lot of fun! I finally met another one of my favorites, Bobbi Mitchell, here.

Winners: Taylor Witte and Tamika Mills

Miss Arlington/Fairfax
Most likely the most competitive pageant I did all year. Every single girl was OUTSTANDING and deserving. A lot of fun. Also met another one of my favorites, Melissa Albright, here.

Winners: Tara Wheeler and Kristena Wright

Miss Williamsburg-2nd runner up

This was a blast because I shared a room with Lydia Beresford who was a lot of fun!

She had me laughing the entire weekend.
Winner: Brittany Gordon

Miss Capital Region-2nd Runner up

What a blast. Great committee, great girls competing, great weekend. Melissa is such a funny girl that we literally were laughing backstage constantly and trying not to cry. It is dangerous to put us together, she is so deserving and I am glad she won.

Winner: Melissa Albright

So it all comes down to these next two weekends. I have come really far and placed consistently, I just have to hope that the judges see me for who I am and what I love about this program. I truly have had an amazing experience in the Miss Virginia system competing in locals and can't wait for these next two weekends.

As you can tell, I have met so many incredible girls over the last year and that has made competing much more fun and less stressful. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity backstage and the friendships formed behind the curtains. I can truly say having competing with most of the women that will grace the Miss Virginia stage this summer- look out Miss America, because with the group of girls we've got, we're going to get an amazing Miss Virginia.

I am not ready to give up yet, but I feel like there is a reason for everything, and I know in my heart that I want to be on that Roanoke stage!

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