Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick Update

Tonight I returned from our 8 day trip to Las Vegas. We had over 15 stops on our entire trip, and it was an exhausting week for all of us. We didn't get our itineraries until a few days before flying; I was so busy with Miss Commonwealth and the Miss Virginia workshop I flew to Nevada not really knowing what I'd be doing (I flew without any pairs of heels! I didn't expect to be seeing Miss USA!) It was extremely busy and fun but I am glad to be back. I have even more work ahead of me now, but there is lots to tell about our trip!
Like I said, we made many stops, but for me the most exciting was seeing Miss USA live. I even took a few pictures at the end of the show. I also watched parts of the telecast later that evening as I was packing, and it was interesting to see how different the live show and the telecast were, although I have to say Texas was my pick from the introductions forward- I, along with most of the entire audience, felt that it was her night!

Okay, I've got to get some sleep and readjust to the time difference!

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