Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1/4 of the Way Finished!

I am excited to report that I am all ready to present tomorrow in my political science seminar. Since I have two majors, I have two senior papers and two presentations to do, and tomorrow I'm giving my first one, and I'll be a quarter of the way done with my senior work!

I found a lot of great information for this presentation including articles and books as well as newspaper coverage and videos which will make my presentation a little more interesting for my senior classmates to watch!

My powerpoint is all finished and tonight I just have to run through speaking it a few times.

A huge thanks to Elizabeth Pryor, my favorite RMWC alum, who gave me an outstanding book which helped make this project MUCH easier!

The title of my project is called "Evolution of Post Cold War Strategy: The Bosnian Conflict" looking at the six major changes in strategic affairs since the collapse of the Soviet Union and how the Bosnian intervention reflects each of those changes.

Wish me luck tomorrow; I'm really excited about it!

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