Monday, November 26, 2007

My motto for 2008

Many may know by now, but I suspect some don't.

We are rapidly approaching the presidential primary season, one of the most exciting and surprising times of the election cycle. In 2004, no one really expected John Kerry to be the frontrunner when the primary hoopla began- I myself always stood by Howard Dean even after his "scream".

Being a college student, I'm always amazed by my peers who choose not to get involved. To sit along on the sidelines, complain about the state of things, and do NOTHING about it. I persuaded one of these friends to request a North Carolina absentee ballot in 2004, and she voted for Bush after he won in an eenie meenie minee moe contest. I'm not kidding.

So for this upcoming election season, I'm implementing my OWN campaign!

2008: No Excuses!

The electronic world has made it so easy to access information, especially about politics. You can find up to the minute information about debates, speeches, and candidates. You can request absentee ballots for any election (I mailed my ballot from England last year. Distance and oceans are no excuse!) Of course, my mother is chair of the board of elections, so I automatically know when each election is, but the information is easy to find!

You have a voice, and you can exercise it. I heard many people complain that they didn't like John Kerry. So get out there and vote for a candidate you want to be president- it really can make a difference.

To help you all along, over the coming weeks leading up the kickoffs in January, I'll be posting candidate profiles and helpful information about elections. To keep things "fair and balanced" I'll even post a Republican candidates profile with each Democrat.

Hopefully it will encourage a few more people to get out there and vote. A while ago I installed a counter and statistics part to my blog, so I know that people all over the country and especially the states of Ohio and Virginia read this blog. Both Ohio and Virginia will be key states in 2008- and I want EVERYONE who reads this blog to vote, whether its at the polls or through the mail.

I'll update another day about my Thanksgiving break and life, maybe once I get through this very challenging week!

So stay tuned, educate yourself, and get involved!
No excuses!


Elizabeth said...

Amen, Laura!! We may be opposite ends of the spectrum politically, but if you don't get involved and help pick 'em, you don't get to complain when they screw up!
Voting is a privilege- ask anyone who grew up behind the Iron Curtain. US citizens should not take being an American for granted-it's a responsibility we all must take seriously, educating ourselves and making decisions instead of having them made for us by others! VOTE!

Happy exam-cramming!! Elizabeth

Kristi said...

Good for you Laura! Thanks for doing so much to help educate people about the candidates and major issues. Women have only been allowed to legally vote in the entire US since 1920. That's less than 100 years! We shouldn't be sick of exercising suffrage yet. Now, more than ever, all US citizens need to vote.

Good luck on finals
Kristi (who votes by mail)