Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A life update

I haven't posted yet again because I am simply so busy.

This week is Pumpkin Parade. To outsiders, that doesn't mean anything. But to an R-MWC girl, it's one of the best weeks she can have! A sophomore pairs up with a senior girl for Pumpkin Parade, and then us seniors receive the 2nd years questionaire in our mailbox. It has all kinds of information about what they like and don't like. Then this week during Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night, the sophomores decorate our doors, plaster campus with our names, and leave presents outside our doors. Of course, we also leave presents for our sophomores. I'm really excited about this year because my sophomore sounds A LOT like me- she's majoring in politics, plays the clarinet, and watches CNN in the afternoon.
I have three theme nights planned, so I'll post pictures.

On Friday, we finally meet our sophomore in the Student Center and they give us a pumpkin they carved for us. On saturday of family weekend, we carry the pumpkins across campus in our robes, funny hats, and buttons (all RMWC traditions!) singing songs to our sister class.

Since I did this as a sophomore, I'm really excited about being on the other end of the spectrum! Included are some pictures from convocation of this year where you can see the different seniors in their senior gear.

Proud to be an RMWC girl,