Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have genuinely neglected this blog. I certainly never meant to, and I have several half-drafts in Microsoft Word that I just haven't gotten around to finishing. There are many reasons for this, and when I finally complete a blog entry you will understand!

These last few weeks have been a total nightmare for school. My courseload is heavy, but the problems have been more relating to my direct school, a woman's college that is experiencing coeducation for the first time. It has been awful and we are having a lot of problems, culminating in campus wide meetings. Despite my light sleeping habits, I have been so exhausted (I only sleep 12-6 every day) that I have slept through every traumatic event, some of which have involved paramedics and police officers on my residence hall where only 7 girls live. It has been tremendously busy and I am in school mode right now, trying to accomplish it all and stay out of the drama as much as possible. That said, some of it undoubtedly affects me. Since I am awake most of the day to interact with these news students, it has been really hard for me personally to just remain out of it because there are serious problems on this campus that make me really glad I am graduating and getting out of this particular deceitful atmosphere. But that is a whole other story, one I will explain sometime.

For now, I must go to sleep because I have to be up at 6 (of course!) to intern tomorrow. More about my internships and other news the next time I am actually out of school mode. I am currently creating my two senior projects (why did I double major again?) and simply can't focus on it all at once!

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