Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Weekend

I guess I didn't realize until I left this weekend how much I really needed a break from what was going on on campus. It was the number one question I was asked by my fellow students this weekend 'So, what's happened to your school? I saw it on the news!'

One of the other contestants, a very sweet girl named Madison, said her grandmother had gone to R-MWC, had loved the school, and given an endowment like that at some time. It's things like that that kill me-what happened to all the money? Why were we told last spring during our phone survey that the coeducational survey was just out of interest and that they weren't really considering it? Who makes financial decisions overnight?! Anyways, the other contestants were about as horrified as I was hearing about the way I personally felt about things on campus. I only shared my personal views- how I feel unsafe on back campus at night, how we're being treated as though seniors are problem children, how the hatred and hostility is out of control. I've never felt so comfortable in swimsuit competition because if that's what it took to get me out of that awful environment, then fine- put me on the stage!

I wish I was a year younger. I would have transferred. What a disaster! I really feel as though we were all a social experiment just dropped onto campus to see how it all went. I no longer feel comfortable in my own second home. Just talking about it this weekend made me really upset, thinking about how much the community has changed. I almost dread going back today.

In any case, last night I finally met Hannah Kiefer, a really sweet and upbeat Hollins girl who is also Miss Virginia. She has a fantastic personality. I can't wait to see how she does at Miss America.

Last night I also made first runner up to Miss Shenandoah Valley and won the Interview Award, and heard a lot of really encouraging comments about my new talent costume and my interview, so I'm excited to keep competing! Today, however, I'm on my way back to RMWC to do my homework and prepare for both my senior seminars.

*All comments on this blog regarding the coeducational change at RMWC reflect my own personal feelings unless stated otherwise.*

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Emily said...

Congratulations on winning the interview! I wish you had made it all the way to Miss America, not only for you, but for the press spotlight you would have been able to turn on the school.