Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Chef

I'm not much of a tv fan (no time and there are better things to do!) but I am addicted to Bravo's show "Top Chef". Maybe it's because it's at least good to hear about gourmet food while you're on a pageant diet, but I also love seeing how these people creatively react to the challenges in the kitchen.

The show is great for keeping on while I'm cleaning the apartment, stretching, or folding laundry, and this season has me hooked! My favorite chef is Richard, whose great personality matches his outstanding cooking skills. I really hope he 'takes the cake' in the finale.

Last night cable was out on campus so I missed the one show that I watch each week, since Top Chef comes on Wednesdays at 10 PM.

I read online that three of my favorite chefs have made it into the finale- Richard, Stephanie, and Antonia. I think Lisa will get the boot first because she's been on the chopping block quite a bit and sometimes her good just isn't up to par. But I think there's a strong chance she'll be out first. If that happens, I'll be pleased with the results!

On that note, I have gracefully accepted that I am turning into my mother. If I can be half the woman and mother that she is I'll be lucky. It's something that slowly seems to trickle into your life... first I was majoring in politics, now I'm following in her footsteps going for my masters, I enjoy cooking, and now I'm hooked on a cooking show!

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