Sunday, October 28, 2007


Setting up in foggy Lynchburg
The first big wave of ladies running coming around the bend!
The big hill they later had to run up (Lynchburg is definitely the Hill City!)
All the different booths
Above- the last runner coming up the hill!
Yesterday morning (at 7 AM) I had the opportunity to volunteer for the "I am Woman" 5k run for the Children's Miracle Network hospital near here. I had contacted the staff about volunteering about a month ago, and I was really excited when they got back in touch with me. It was a really good experience. About 50 women participated in the run along VES road right here in Lynchburg, and I was posted with several of the hospital nurses (each representing different areas in the hospital for children) monitoring the race and making sure no one tried to back out of their driveway. I think the fastest runner completed the race in 19 minutes, which was amazing!

It was really inspiring seeing so many women from all age ranges, from 7 year old girls so women in their late fifties, participating in the run. It was definitely a great cause for each woman to set goals for herself and help raise awareness and money for CMN!
Unfortunately, I'm unable to load my pictures because of problems with Blogger, I'll post them later!

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