Sunday, October 14, 2007

The top 15-Last names

Listed below are the top 15 just announced at Miss VA USA.

The sound quality was not very strong, but I did my best!

Lauren Barnette, looked absolutely gorgeous!

They did Teen USA intros first!
All of them were really beautiful, if a little bouncy, during the intro. The state looked nice! All were wearing white during the opening number to "I Like the way you move!"

Standouts: (wrote titles if I couldnt catch the name)

Courtney Grant
Amanda French -Fredericksburg

Hampton Roads
Locust Grove
Virginia Beach

(these were just my personal standouts based on their confidence in introduction and appearance during opening number).

They announced a top ten:
I again wrote title:
Holly Vance Southwest
Christina Nicholson- Locust Grove
Simone Gilma- Williamsburg
Ashley Ulrich-Spotssylvania
Natalia -Hampton Roads
Santana Warren- Abingdon
Katie Turner- Richmond
grayson Lambert
Amanda French-Fredericksburg
Megna Myrhein

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