Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Annual Dodgeball Tournament

My boss, Amanda Denny, showing off her spirit!
Some worn out, but talented, students, after the game.
The faculty/staff team showing their "game faces"!
As President of the Macon Activities Council here at RMWC, I have spent the last few months preparing a lot of concerts, programs, and traditional events to give students a break from their studies. MAC is in charge of anything from major parties (Tacky Party, Fall Formal, Opening Concert, Summer Send Off) and even small events.

Given the changed atmosphere here on campus, I wanted the board to focus on "community building" events this semester. A lot of students feel heartbroken, unattached to "Randolph College", and upset. So, my goal was to keep our traditions alive as well as introduce new events to reach out to the community.

In August, I had an idea for a dodgeball tournament, of faculty/staff versus students. We held it this last Sunday, and it was a HUGE success. We had about 15 people on each side turn out, plus a pretty good number of watchers turn out to see the action.

We had staff from so many areas: Dining Services, Human Resources, Health Center (the very tiny nurse, Gretchen, who helped me get to the hospital several weeks ago!), Dean of Students, The Phys Ed Department, and even our college President, John Klein. If nothing else, John Klein was a great sport about it all; I feel like a lot of students feel anger about the changes our college is making and holding Klein, a former CEO, partly responsible for the turn to "business practices" versus "practices of an institution for higher education".

Anyways, I refereed the event to volunteer and had a blast! Students and staff were both so exhilarated about it they played about ten rounds of dodgeball, and then we organized a fun "free for all" where watchers joined the crowd!

The faculty were overwhelmingly successful, due to the great skills of Dining Services' Mitch Rodhe and the Skeller's (student grill) April and Amanda. The faculty/staff beat every student team and even held their own in the 'free for all' game!

So we are pleased to announce that this will become an annual event (which is great, so we can re-use the official dodgeballs rolling around in my trunk right now). I think so many people had a great time, got some exercise, and certainly felt like the community needed it!

Soon I'll have another post about Neverending Weekend, a huge tradition there that is approaching this weekend.

For now, here are some pictures of the event!

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