Thursday, December 13, 2007

CW shows

Last night America's Next Top Model had a finale and the new CW show, Crowned, appeared. I have been looking forward to Crowned for some time, since Miss Wyoming 2006, Jeniliegh, was rumored to be on the show. I have always admired Jenileigh, since she's a great aerialist with some powerful leg muscles. Last night on the show she even shared her insecurities about her weight.

Although Jenileigh is in no way overweight, by pageant standards, she is “huge”. I admire her because we share the same weakness- swimsuit. Jenileigh was torn apart constantly during her time competing because of her weight, and I admire that she has put herself out there again in the “pageant world”. The show was good, although there were definitely some girls or teams that grated me the wrong way. My favorite team, the Dream Gals, ended up making the best “first impression”.

There were both talented singers and genuine women and I loved that they were outside the “Pageant Patty” mold.

The team that ended up going home was too pageant patty for me, because they just came off as over-prepared, even though they were unable to get their message across. The team I cannot stand is one where the daughter shares my name- she is domineering, negatigve, and catty. And yes, I got all that just from the first episode! Especially since the show was about first impressions, that team bothered me. The daughter Laura constantly talked about how other teams were ugly and how she and her mother were beautiful and how they were going to win. Yuck! I was glad that the unconventional team won the challenge and that the Pageant Patties were sent home!

In other news, Saleisha was crowned the newest “America’s Next Top Model”. I was really pulling for her. Although the other girl, Chantal, was pretty, she reminded me of Caridee too much and I was tired of the blondes dominating. I’ve been watching ANTM since my first year in college with my roommate Nada and friends Whitney and Vanessa, and Whitney and I hated the haircut they gave Saleisha this season. Even though it was a hideous bowl cut with bangs, she managed to pull it off and I doubt there are many people who could look good with that style. She has a lot of potential. I am sure that Chantal, like many other finalists on past seasons, will become a successful model anyways, but it doesn’t hurt to have that $100,000 contract from Cover Girl to kick off your career, as well as all the connections that the show provides!

Well, it’s day 3 of doctors appointments. Every time I come home for winter break or summer, I have to make sure I schedule all my doctors appointments so I can see each physician before I move back to Virginia.

I am taking the GRE next Tuesday and after that, graduate school is then out of my hands! I finished all the essays, applied online with all the correct information, and I have been notified by some of my recommenders that they have mailed their portions (my recommendations are coming from Canada and England, so I had to be cautious of deadlines with overseas and air mail in mind).

Soon “Randolph College” will be announcing which professors are being “involuntarily terminated” and I’m waiting for that email, which I’ll post here once I receive. Miraculously, the college has been taken off financial warning from SACS, but mark my words, if we continue down this path, we’ll be placed on academic warning soon!

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