Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello all! I have been very busy but I'm happy to be back :)

Last week was a total nightmare. I found out on Monday afternoon that I needed to re-work my entire econ senior paper because of a lack of data. It was very stressful but thankfully I came up with a project that has available data.

It took me five and a half hours to get up to Arlington, but it was a good weekend. All in all, I truly believe that every contestant there was a standout; it was a very strong field.

Congrats to the new winners:
Miss Arlington 2008, Tara Wheeler
Miss Fairfax 2008, Kristena Wright

I appreciate all the support, love and help always being thrown my way and know that I always do my best. Each pageant I feel like I have improved at least a little bit from the one prior and this is such a good self-improvement exercise.

With the dream of competing at Miss Virginia next June in mind, I am focusing on preparing for the remaining pageants as well as graduating from college (although I can't believe that graduation is just around the corner!) Unfortunately, my traveling schedule next semester severely limits which pageants I can compete in; a few of our trips directly conflict with preliminary pageants. Although most of the semester I'll only have class Tuesday-Thursday, it's a bad coincidence that the few times we travel keep me from competing in pageants. It's motivating but also a little scary that there are only a handful of pageants I'll be able to compete in next spring, so I really want to work hard and make it to that Miss Virginia stage.

For now, I have seven days left in this semester before I'm leaving to head home, so wish me luck finishing my remaining projects and papers!

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