Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yay! I made it!

With less than a day left here, I thought I'd write a quick post (I'm also anxious for a brief study break from biology...)

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning immediately after my biology exam and I'm facing about a 9-11 hour trip, depending on traffic, weather, how tired I am, etc. I am fully prepared to take a break tomorrow night near the Ohio/WV border if need be, but I'm also extremely anxious to get home! Everyone who knows me well knows I'm close with my mom and brother and I'm anxious to see them as well as my local friends. My friend Amy is even coming in from California (the two of us were the only people from our graduating class who ventured outside of Ohio or Michigan to attend college. She graduated from FIDM in two years and is working for Disney. She's an outstanding fashion designer and I hope to be able to see her while I'm back! I'm also looking to catch up with my good high school friends Julie and Brad, and just enjoy the holidays.

I didn't ask for anything for Christmas this year, because I don't really need or want anything, but I'm excited about going home. We usually try to do indoor rock climbing or skiing while I'm home, and I also love attending my home church for Christmas eve service. The members of my church community are wonderful and there are several families that went above and beyond during my year in England, sending me care packages, letters, and warm emails. I am always grateful to see those people again.

And, excitingly, after my birthday in January (the 4th) I'm going to Hawaii! I can't wait, since I've never been there I'm ready for a warm climate. I'll post more details later.

I'm also anxious to get out of here since I've worked extremely hard this semester and because I will be driving back on January 3rd to compete in Miss Williamsburg on January 5th. I used to have a friend at William and Mary Law, but he has since graduated and passed the bar, so if anyone is near Williamsburg, please feel free to come cheer me on! After Miss Williamsburg I'll be flying to Hawaii then returning to Lynchburg for one more semester. I was hoping to be able to attend Miss Ohio's send off party on January 5th, but I am looking forward to Miss Williamsburg. Good luck at Miss America, Roberta (and Hannah Kiefer, too!)

Next semester I think my blogs will be more interesting, since I'm participating in the American Culture Program. We'll be looking at consumerism in America, and the culmination is a trip to Las Vegas in April.

Anyways, back to molecular genetics.
Once I'm home I'll write a summary post of this semester.
In the meantime, good luck with finals to all my R-MWC sisters! For many of us seniors, these are the last final exams we will ever take here!

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