Thursday, December 20, 2007

Randolph College- Why They Give

Today we got an E-news update from the school, and inside it was this link to a video of alumnae who have chosen to give to the college. Those who know the situation at the college well might recognize a few of the more vocal Pro Randolph College alums in the video; I know I did.

What I found most important about this video was the number of women who referenced their experience at the "college" as the number one reason they give. Well, two years ago, you would have found this blogger working days in the admission office, evenings calling prospective students, hosting students overnight in my room who were considering the school, and spending my weekends sitting on student panels. To say the least, I loved RMWC, too! None of the women in the video have ever attended "Randolph College" and I think it would be interesting to make a video about how current students feel about Randolph College and whether they would consider giving. I think, having lived through it, the answers would be very different than the alums on the video.

In any case, check it out!

Video Link

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