Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farewell to a great man

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been so busy it's hard to keep up! So I am trying to share with you my experiences, one piece at a time! So first up is the shortest to write about. Last Sunday I was in Lynchburg for a retirement reception at RMWC for one of my favorite professors of all time, Dr. Ivy. Dr. Ivy and his wife, Dr. Judy Ivy, have given 31 years of service running the University of Reading program in England. Many of my readers know that this experience in my life was one of the most important for me. While many people say that study abroad was very important to them, it meant a lot to me because it was during that year I changed my career plans to becoming a professor. A large part of that career change was having professors like Dr. Ivy- who are incredibly passionate about what they do day in and day out. Dr. Ivy allowed me to fulfill my economics credits and simultaneously write a 20 page term paper on the side about the works of Charlotte Bronte (a favorite of mine!). It was during this year that I really decided that teaching and the world of academic was for me. I also know that were it not for Dr. Ivy and my two incredible professors from Reading who all recommended me for graduate school that I would not be in the position I am today. They all gave me faith to pursue my dreams even though at times it has been a tough road forging ahead in a male-dominated field.

The program will simply not be the same without Dr. Ivy. Living in a foreign country for an entire year meant that the Ivys were like a second set of parents to all of us, and I greatly respect and admire them for all they have given to this school. I also respect the way they have stood by their beliefs about the turns that the school has taken in the last several years; the Ivys has always put academic achievement first.

It was also a great time to catch up because the Class of '08 had 6 Readingites present! Kassie is about to graduate with her Masters in accounting, Shannon just got a job with a defense contractor, Chloe is teaching English in Prague in the fall, Robin is getting her nursing degree and working at a nursing home, and Harmony is pursuing her dreams of fashion and sewing her own clothes! And yes, that's just a SMALL sample of the Randolph Macon women I graduated with! They are incredible!

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