Thursday, March 12, 2009


Even though the economy isn't doing well, you can do something good! Tara Wheeler, our outstanding Miss Virginia, is raising money for pediatric cancer research by planning to shave her head if she raises $500,000. Now, the catch is that she has to hit that mark! So readers, I need your help to do it! Cancer doesn't care about the falling stock market, in fact, this horrible economy is probably affecting research donations and those families affected by cancer even more so! I don't care if you can only donate $5... please donate $5 and do it today! Then please forward this link to everyone that you know and ask them to do the same. We have a great opportunity here to support Tara's initiative.

Not only does this raise money for pediatric cancer research, Children's Miracle Network, and the Miss Virginia Scholarship Fund, it's raising crucial awareness about Miss Virginia/Miss America and the kinds of things we as titleholders REALLY do. It's not all about glamour, glitz and swimsuits, and Tara has been proving that all year long. I KNOW how many people read this blog, and I know that each of you surely has $10 to give! Please consider making the donation and encouraging those people you know via email, facebook, blogs, or in person to do the same.

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