Monday, March 9, 2009

Miss Alexandria Results

The weekend I traveled to Northern Virginia to watch the Miss Alexandria pageant and spend some time with Shannon Oliver. As many people know, Shannon and I became very close while we were roommates last year at Miss Virginia and we are close friends now! I am very sad that she's not competing at Miss Virginia this year, although I look forward to watching her perform at Busch Gardens sometime this summer.

This pageant was full of talent and the contestants were amazing! The in between entertainment was some of the best I have seen all season long- all three performers were outstanding! Several performers were incredible singers and one man delivered an original poem about beauty. It was really unique and well done. I applaud this director for finding such great talent in the Alexandria area!

It was also a thrill to watch Erika Thomas win this title. Erika Thomas was a runner up several times last year and was my first runner up at Miss Commonwealth. She is a very intelligent and sweet girl and I am looking forward to spending the week with her in Roanoke!

This week I have some really exciting appearances and I promise photos from all of them!


Anonymous said...

Hi erika this is your cousin isaiah good job and i hope you win miss virgina and go to miss america i love you and will see you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...