Friday, March 6, 2009

Girl Scouts, 3/6

Tonight I met with a local Girl Scout Cadette troop to talk about self esteem and answer ALL kinds of questions! It was great to meet with them, thanks to Heather and Gabe for having me!

I have such a busy week ahead of me! It's VT's spring break, but there is no rest for a grad student! I have many meetings, midterm grading for the class I help teach, and some very exciting appearances coming up next weekend! I am helping to plan a fashion show with a very special Girl Scout troop in Lynchburg; the show will be presented March 14th at a Girl Scout event in Danville to show that everyone is beautiful and that the way you present yourself is most important. I am so excited about this event. The fashion show was part of a brainstorm I had a few months ago I am so grateful to have been given such "free reign" over this great program! I am so excited about going to the event as well as my other appearances that day. I promise to check in soon. I'll be at Miss Alexandria this weekend and I promise to post pictures from there, too! Best of luck to all the girls!

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