Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another brief update...

I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time to post on here. It’s always hard after coming back from a vacation to ease back into the internet and my blog.

A few updates:

I’m competing in Miss Capital Region this weekend. I’m very excited about it, although this will be the 2nd to last pageant I can compete in this semester Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I just can’t be around for many of the pageants this semester. Only recently I found out about a work event that all my co-workers cannot attend, which means I will not be able to compete at Miss Greater Richmond. All that’s left for me is this pageant and one on February 23rd. That said, thanks for everyone who has been supportive and encouraged me not to give up. Miss Capital Region will be my 8th pageant this year, including the two I did over the summer in Ohio. This has been my first real year of competing so I’m proud of myself and am working harder than ever to make it to Miss Virginia, but I am pushing myself even harder since there are only two pageants left.

Also, I will be opening a second blog on my profile for my experience in the American Culture Program, since we are required to keep a journal over the semester. More details soon!

Miss America is the weekend after this one, so everyone tune in. In the meantime, visit

to vote for your favorite state. You could help vote her into the top 16, as this is the first year the public plays a role in choosing a contestant!

Well, I’ve got meetings all afternoon and need to get back to work, so more updates whenever I have time!

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