Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miss Capital Region Results

This year, while the best lesson I have learned is that patience and determination is necessary, I have also learned that some of the best women I have ever met have come to me through pageants.

This last weekend, I competed in my eighth pageant this year, Miss Capital Region. I had a number of problems, some my own fault and some just bad luck. I really did my best, and even though I didn’t win, the result was great. One contestant I had the pleasure of meeting this past winter was Melissa Albright, the new Miss Capital Region. I competed with her at Miss Arlington and Miss Williamsburg, and I got to know her better over this weekend. She was contestant number one and I contestant number two. Melissa and I were frequently laughing so hard backstage we had to walk out on stage to rehearse with tears in our eyes. She is undoubtedly someone whose personality matches and complements mine, and we had so much fun.

The minute that the first runner up was called I looked to Melissa and mouthed “it’s you!” and she stood there, the only one on the right side of the stage remaining, shaking her head no while her whole body started trembling.

This pageant was wonderful, well-organized, and resulted in an extremely well-deserving winner. Melissa is a natural speaker and has a wonderful personality. Spending any time with her instantly ups the fun backstage, and she is one of those competitors who is the same onstage and off.

There are so many great girls I have met over the past five months of competing, and many of these girls have gone on to win titles. Those of us who haven’t are determined to persevere through our own determination and our belief that as we see these amazing young women we are happy to call friends win their crowns, our turn will come someday.

No pageants for me until February 23rd, unfortunately. My schedule is very busy so I’ll be preparing for the next pageant, enjoying Miss America coming this week, and making the most out of my experience in the American Culture Program. I owe a lot of posts this week, and since I have no classes on Monday or Friday, I should be able to complete all my schoolwork and catch up on all my “blog drafts”.

I’ll post pictures of the pageant once the talented Julius Tolentino (who I believe is preparing to attend Miss America this week) posts them.

Congratulations to Melissa, a great contestant and a wonderful woman!

Also congratulations to the rest of the top five and especially Natalie Smith, the third part of our Charlie’s Angels trio.

Miss Capital Region 2008: Melissa Albright

1st Runner up: Natalie Smith (Talent)

2nd Runner up: Me

3rd Runner up: Bobbi Mitchell (swimsuit)

4th Runner up: Emily Hall

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading!


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Miss VA 2008 Local Titleholders said...

Will you be competing in Miss Greater Springfield or Miss Mountain Empire? Let me tell you, Greater Springfield is AMAZING!!!