Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few hours before Miss America...

Laura’s “Consistency Counts” favorites for Miss America

Well, I want to talk about my favorites for the crown and my impression of the pictures and news from the week. I have not been there to physically see anything, and especially since talent is such a huge percentage, that could have a big effect. I also haven’t seen the private interviews, so this is just my opinion and I don’t proclaim to be an expert. I have loved seeing all the pictures this week. I can’t even guess who about five of the top 12 would be: it depends on interview and there are a dozen girls who have done a great job and might make it in there. There’s no way I could predict a top 12 accurately ( I have no idea what these judges are really looking for this year…) so here are just the girls that have stood out to me.

My favorites, keeping in mind that consistency counts:

Virginia: Still my obvious favorite. If you have encountered Hannah she is warm, friendly, and spunky. The first time I ever met her she blew me away with her ability to jump in and help others- she climbed on stage behind the podium to tell the emcee that they had forgotten to introduce us at Miss Shenandoah Valley. She did that in her tutu, and I instantly respected her. I think she has an amazing shot at winning tonight. Her pictures have shown that she looks fresh, modern, and fun. Her evening gown looks like it belongs on a red carpet. I hope that she is relaxed right now preparing for what she likely sees as the most important moment in her life so far. Go Hannah, and bring it home to Virginia! We love you! Also, please tell me when you get back how you got those abs. I had the opportunity to participate in an online chat with a person who judged four state pageants this year (and two of them are states considered “very competitive”) and she predicted Hannah to be in the top 5. From what I’ve heard, Hannah has been near the top in the big preliminary categories, so that counts!

Washington: Love the personality. Her evening gown disappointed me, but I think she has the “fresh” look and determination to do well tonight.

California: Prior to this week, she completely flew under my radar. I had no idea what even her name was…but seeing the pictures, she has brought her “A” game to Vegas. Gorgeous, modern, and a fantastic wardrobe. Looked fantastic in SS and heard her talent was good.

Michigan: Wow… a swimsuit win, a gorgeous gown, and a 19 year old girl who has come in and been a natural at pageants. Top 8, I think, if not higher.

Wisconsin: Gorgeous. Flying under the radar, but I expect to see her up there tonight.

Indiana: Consistent. Top 12 or higher.

South Carolina: In my opinion, she and Virginia have been the “it girls” since they were crowned in the summer.

Hawaii: My dark horse. Looks great all around.

Illinois: Depending on how far the judges take the “fresh and modern” idea this year, IL may or may not make it. Her clothes look fairly traditional.

Who else might just make it? Rhode Island, Oregon, Nebraska

Who has surprised me?

Ohio- I am really impressed with Ohio’s showing. There has been some talk that she fumbled through her onstage question, but she has looked classy the entire week. I’ve never met Roberta, but she looks GREAT!

PA: I did not like the gown, at all.

Utah: I love this girl, but her wardrobe let me down. Her dress was awful (in my opinion) and her talent costume looked bizarre. She can certainly talk, but I don’t know if she can pull it off.

Alabama: I do not like the wardrobe at all. She wore the same swimsuit as Miss Ohio, but managed to look strange in it. It was a poor style choice for her frame. I do not like her evening gown, either. This does not seem like the kind of style choices we usually see coming from Alabama.

So in other words, I really can’t make up my mind. I’m obviously pulling for Virginia, but all the girls I mentioned in the first part of the post would be great, as well! I’ll be watching tonight, so I can’t wait!

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