Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crowned Finale is Tonight

I really haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. I thought that with my somewhat light schedule I'd have more time, but I'm still full credits and working two jobs, so it seems crazier than ever! I haven't had any time to myself in between obligations, but I wanted to post quickly.

Tonight is the finale for the tv show Crowned, which my mother and I have been watching. I encouraged my mother to compete in the Ms. American Coed competition in Orlando in November of 2006 thinking it would be lighthearted fun, but felt bad when serious competitors complete with tans and thousand dollar gowns competed. At that time, Miss Texas, Ashley Smith, had encouraged her mom to do the same thing. Our mothers were in the handful of "real moms" that competed. My mother wore the same gown she wore for the Clinton inauguration and wore real clothes for casual wear; the winner wore a brand new Jovani and came out with a whip in her "sportswear". Needless to say, Ashley and I felt awful as our mothers were themselves and lost the title to someone who clearly took it a lot more seriously than either of them would have. In any case, I've been teasing my mom that we should go on "Crowned" as a mother-daughter team.

At this point, as long as Patty and Laura don't win, I support the winners. The team from Arizona was also in Orlando for the Miss American Coed pageant in November of 2006, so I support them, Jenileigh is a wonderful girl, and I love Gina and Hollis. Laura and Patty, however, have the most dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship I have ever seen. Patty has had so much plastic surgery that at times she looks skeletal, and they are both cruel to other contestants frequently. I have my fingers crossed that they won't win!

Tune in tonight at 8 on the CW.

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