Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michigan did look great.

And Indiana and Virginia had a little bit of edge in their appearance, but for the most part, NC had a very traditional wardrobe and hair, and Wisconsin had the typical hair, and Michigan's hair was curly. I'm sure I will grow to love this result, and she does look good, but for all TLC's work, we saw a lot of "traditional". MI sang a traditional song, and her gown was really the only step off the beaten path.

I had wondered if this "modern" approach would trickle to states and locals, but for the most part, we saw "traditional". You can tell I was really rooting for Indiana and Washington. I guess only time will tell whether Kirsten will really be an IT girl for this year.

That said, I am really really proud of Miss Virginia, Hannah Kiefer. You rocked it!


Heather Benza said...

I'm watching in WA and have been rooting for Miss WA. I just couldn't stop myself from checking to see if you had posted the answer yet...we're only 50 minutes into the show here. I must admit Miss Michigan has my favorite swimsuit bod! I really like the little bit edgier, little less traditional look. Hopefully we'll see you there next year! Good Luck!

Heather Benza said...

UGH!!! Stopping the talent portion to send someone to the eliminated side in their talent suit before even performing is just demoralizing. I don't think that should be repeated. LOVED Indiana's evening gown. LOATHED Michigan's talent gown. LOVED the pointe ballet for talent.