Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Campus Events

As we near the end of the semester, there are many events planned on campus. This week is especially busy. In addition to our academic demands there are so many things going on. The campus is also abuzz about when MacDoodle Day will be (a tradition during a day in March when all classes are cancelled, a band comes on campus, we have inflatables and food during the day, and all sorts of fun events). The events for this week are:

Wednesday the 26th:
Guerrilla Girls, 6:30, Come see how these women are redefining feminism by exposing sexism, discrimination, and racism in culture, art, and politics.

Thursday the 27th: Founder's day Celebration: seniors will line up in their robes, stoles with buttons, and funny hats, to celebrate the founding of the College.

Friday the 28th:
7:30 PM Theater performance of "The Brutality of Fact"
10:00 PM-2Am Annual Black Light Affair by Student Government (campus-wide party to celebrate founder's day)

Saturday the 29th:
Spring Visit Day (I'll be talking to people about MAC and the American Culture Program)
5:00 PM Performance of the Vagina Monologues for V-Day 2008
10:00 PM -2AM Founder's Day ball by student government

Sunday the 30th
2:30-5:30 Tea for Dr. Ivy, Director of Reading program (all of us former abroaders are excited to see Dr. Ivy, who is a favorite!)
6:00 Performance of Lianna Carrera, comedian
8:00 Annual lip sync by MAC

As you can see, it's very busy this weekend- lots of pictures will be taken!

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